Another Successful Release

Hello fellow GMs!

I am happy to announce that yesterday, September 3rd, we released the newest free version of Game Master Engine to the public. We changed up a couple things, and all in all, it seemed to really streamline everything. We moved our hosting platform to, which as most of you know is a game hosting site geared toward indie developers. This made it much easier to handle the huge influx of downloads coming in from Reddit, Discord and word of mouth. This has been a hurdle for us in the past, but hopefully that hurdle remains forever behind us.

There are some definite bugs to iron out still. The sneaky little bug causing interactions with various VR software is by far the most common issue that reared its ugly head yesterday. Optimization also seems to be a concern that we will be looking into.

Aside from the hiccups that come with any beta game, this release was another stepping stone on GMEs path to becoming a full-fledged map tool to compete with the big boys of the market. We definitely could not have made it this far without the users, so a huge thanks to all of you. We could not have asked for a better release day.

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