GME Roadmap FAQ

If I Buy GME Early Will I Have To Pay Again Later In 2021 Spring Or Fall?

No, at any point in GMEs development if you purchase it you will only have to pay that one time fee and will not have to pay again for future major content updates.

If I Buy On Initially Can I Play With Friends Who Buy On Steam Later?

Yes, you will be able to play with your friends regardless of what platform GME was purchased on.

Will There Be An Increase Of Price For GME After Year One?

GME is planned to stay at a $20 price point.

When Online Connectivity Launches Do All Players At The Table Have To Purchase GME To Play Together?

Yes, all players will need to own their own copy to join in. However, any additional content the GM purchases will be a one time purchase by them and the players can still enjoy it at no additional cost.

If I'm Already A Patreon Member Do I Still Have To Purchase GME?

No, as long as you have given enough in your Patreon subscription to cover the cost of GME you will be given a download code.