How do I support this program?


It Doesn't Work on my Mac

At this time Windows is the only supported operating system but we plan to eventually roll out on Mac.

Do you have a discord server?

Yes, https://discord.gg/6w9wrTw if anything isn't contained in this FAQ stop by and ask in the discord server!

How do I launch this beauty of a program?

After downloading the Zip file, extract the entire zip to a folder of your choice, after it extracts launch it via the GameMasterEngine.exe and enjoy.

Basic Controls

For a breakdown of basic controls while building a map at the top left you will see an "I" with a circle around it. This details the basic controls.

Camera Controls

you can use WSAD to move your camera back and forth, mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and if you want to rotate your camera click in the mouse wheel and move your mouse.

How do I save/load?

To save your creation at the top left you should see a floppy disk symbol, click this and then click the S Floppy Disk, this will save C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAMEHERE*\AppData\Local\GameMasterEngine\Saved\SaveGames\MySaveGame to GME will automatically load the map you have already saved when launching.

How do I undo?

At this time there is no undo button, we plan to implement this further down the road so stay tuned!

Deselecting Objects

If the object is showing orange it means it is still selected, press the ESC key and it will deselect it.

Resizing Objects

press esc to make sure you are not still selecting the object and making it orange. Right click on the object and you can resize it here, you can also use decimals as well so for instance instead of the object being size 1 make it .5

Rotating objects

Q and R and be used to rotate an object that your mouse is over, if you have an object selected and the object is orange then pressing Q or R will rotate that object unless your mouse is over another object. Deselect with ESC key and you will be able to rotate where your mouse is.

Deleting Tokens

While in battlemode if you right click on the token you should see the tokens menu, click the eraser button, if you can't delete it through this if you left click and hold the token you can press the DEL key to delete it, you can also grab multiple tokens by left clicking and dragging around picking up multiple tokens and press DEL to delete all at once.

2D mode/3D Mode

To toggle 2D mode press P, if already under 2D and you want to switch to 3D press P again.

Can I make multiple Maps and save them all?

Yes if you go under C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAMEHERE*\AppData\Local\GameMasterEngine\Saved\SaveGames you can rename the mysavegame folder to another name, if you want to reload it back just change it back to mysavegame. If you cannot see appdata it means you have folders hidden on your computer. For windows 10 go under view and select Hidden Items and you should now be able to see the appdata folder.


Take a deep breath and press the letter "O" key and it will reset your view to the center.

I enountered a bug how do I report it?

Please let us know either on our website https://www.gamemasterengine.com/ or on our discord channel, under bug-reports, https://discord.gg/6w9wrTw

How do I delete a map after saving it?

You can return to the home screen and go under options, click and hold the delete button until the bar is fully filled and let go. If you want to go the manual route if you go to C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAMEHERE*\AppData\Local\GameMasterEngine\Saved\SaveGames you can manually delete the mysavegame folder.

I want to share my map with the world how do I do that?

You have a few options for this, first in GME it has a built in screenshot tool at the top left. This exports the screenshot to C:\GME Map Exports and you can share the images with others. If you want others to see your amazing work in GME you can copy your contents under the C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAMEHERE*\AppData\Local\GameMasterEngine\Saved\SaveGames\MySaveGame and send them. If you want us to take a look we love viewing others work, post them under the map-saves channel on our discord server https://discord.gg/6w9wrTw