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Rules Explained


Whatever you create needs to be something original made by you, copying another map will not be accepted. It is however fine to use other creations as inspiration for your own design.


You must give your creation a title so it can be referenced and cataloged for later.


You can submit your creation to one of two places. In our Discord server we have a section dedicated for map submissions.

Also, we have a Subreddit page where you can submit your creation. Be sure to specify your post so we know it's a contest entry.


You can only submit one entry per contest period.


Contests will happen twice a month indefinitely and will last for a period of two weeks each to allow everyone time to create and submit. (Next period, March 9th - March 23rd)


1st Place - $50 Gift Code

2nd Place - $25 Gift Code

Winners will be able to choose between a gift code to either Wyrmwood or Eldritch Foundry.