Game Master Engine

Dungeon Master Tool For Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Now available on Steam

Create beautiful 3D worlds

Screenshot 1.png

Nearly 500 assets to begin creating with and plenty more still on the way. Choose tile textures to paint the ground. Props to fill the scene. Particle effects to give it life. And adjust the sun/weather to set the mood.

Adjust anything and everything

Just about everything you place into the world can be adjusted in one way or anything. Scale the size in any axis. Rotate in any axis. Creativity will allow the provided assets to be used in more ways than one.

Up your DM game

Screenshot 4.png

Choose your mini

Beautiful minis provided by our friends over at "The Dragon Trappers Lodge". New minis get added every month to help you bring your encounters to life. Drop them into the world and start playing.

Screenshot 2.png

Stats for combat

Open a submenu for each mini and give them individually give them stats.

Create Epic Adventures

Screenshot 3.png